Monday, March 30, 2009

US tries to defuse a ticking timebomb

Martin Livens writing for the Times discusses the G20 meeting summit this week and the pressing issue of a possible Israeli response to the rumoured Iranian pursuit of a Nuclear weapon.
In "Us tries to defuse a ticking timebomb" Martin Livens puts forward just how complex the issue is, read his analysis here.

"All eyes will be on Barack Obama at the G20 summit this week. Among the great and good, the dull and dreary, in London’s Docklands he will be the only superstar. But the young president knows that what is decided inside a gleaming tower block in Tel Aviv will have more bearing on whether his presidency is accounted a success or failure than this talking shop.

High in the defence ministry building Major-General Amos Gilad points to a photograph on his wall of three Israeli F-15 jets flying over the site of Auschwitz. “I put it here to remind us of what happened and what may happen,” says the old fire-eater. The press claims he has been the real leader of the state for the past six months while the politicians have been out wooing the voters."
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