Monday, March 30, 2009

Iran increases the pressure of confirmity on its bloggers

After the recent events of Iran Blocks Facebook, Youtube and 5 Million Other Websites and the recent death of the Iranian blogger Omidreza Mirsayafi whilst in custody.
Recently I read about the fact that Iran had 'allowed' some losening of its barrier against the internet, re: Why Did Iran Unblock Facebook?.
There was a fair bit of discourse about this action, call me cynical but I simply saw it as a prudent move in allowing the population of Iran to actively 'blog' for Iran and 'advocate' for Iranian interests,(Read attack Israel). I think we've all seen just how effective the islamic backlash has been in '(mis)reporting' events concerning Israel.
Well now that Iran has 'freed' access to the internet, whats next? Simple threaten the death penalty to any blogger not towing the party line..(yay human rights in Iran..)

Hat tip to: Islam in action

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